I am a Wedding Officiant and Life-Cycle Celebrant based in Provincetown, MA. I lived on the west coast for a time before returning to my home coast. I love living by the water and am tremendously grateful I get spend as much time at the beach and have more time with my family.

Many of the couples and families who find their way to me fall into one of these categories~ they do not have a faith community, are in Multi-faith relationships, they consider themselves spiritual yet not religious, hold non-traditional beliefs or are uninterested in religion completely. My professional training and personal experience allow me to craft personalized and meaningful ceremonies that are outside the box.

My journey and perspective evolved through my work with people in hospice as they approach end-of-life. I have been providing heart-centered, interfaith spiritual support and guidance to people in transition and their loved ones since 2007.  Officiating weddings was a natural addition to my work, and I love that I see it as a privilege to celebrate and honor the full circle of life in what I do.

From hospice to weddings?

Yep!  During my time in seminary I was called to work in hospice~ caring for people with serious illness or at the end-of-life and their loved ones.  This was definitely not part of my plan! Those initial experiences changed my life ~of working with individuals and families at such a precious time, from all walks of life and beliefs. I was gifted with many lessons that serve as the foundation of my work as a spiritual counselor, guide, coach and life-cycle celebrant.

Working with couples who have been together just a short time to those who have been together 40, 50, and 60 plus years is also a tremendous gift~ I love to listen as a couple shares their love story, their memories and experiences over a lifetime together. These stories affirm what I have known through my own family~ that the ways we mark and celebrate our relationships and life’s various milestones and transitions~and how we felt in those experiences~ are what we remember as we grow old.

How can I help you craft your own meaningful memories and traditions? You don’t have to hold particular beliefs, I am happy to work with you to identify how you want your ceremony or event to look and feel by discovering what holds meaning to you personally.

“Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~Mary Oliver

 Community Involvement

Always one to stay busy and involved, you will often find me volunteering at different community and fundraising events.  While in San Diego, I served as  Board Member of the Greater San Diego Business Association (GSDBA)- San Diego’s Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, and co-chaired the Engaging Aging Professional Affinity Group.

I have hosted Death Cafes for the LGBTQIA community, provided education and training on caring for LGBTQ seniors and volunteered at countless events and fundraisers across the country.