“Thank you for creating a ceremony that reflected some much of us and our relationship.  Thank you for pacing every word, sentence, statement, in a way that we can grasp every moment, every word and remember it forever.  Thank you for bring calm to my excitement, so that I could enjoy every minute.  Breathing really helps :).  And thank you for guiding us through the whole wedding process.  This moment will forever live in our heart and we are glad you were part of it. Thank you very much,  Balkys and Ingrid”

“I just attended the most beautiful, loving, heart-centered wedding I have ever been to in my entire life.”

“Thank you Jeanne,  It was a wonderful ceremony and I’m glad that we asked you to officiate.  I feel more in love with my beloved now than before we were married! A lovely phenomenon. Take care, R”

“Jeanne, Thanks so much for the sweet and beautiful words. We are thrilled to have had you officiate our wedding. Yes it was a little more than what we expected with all the media attention during and afterwards, but one I wouldn’t change for the world. If we can show the world that we are like everyone else, wanting to marry the one we love, raise a family, etc.. then great!  Thanks again!”