November 6, 2013 12:00 PM ET
Laurie Anderson  Lou Reed
Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed.

This is one of the most touching tributes to love, life, death, and the meaning and depth of relationships I have read. I have had the privilege of working with many couples who share a similar sentiment, couples at the beginning of their life together and also couples at the end of their life together.  Yet, still, Laurie’s words touch me deeply.  Please click on their photo and take some time to read it in full…

A few of my favorite quotes~

“I had no idea this was meant to be a date, but when we went for coffee after that, he said, “Would you like to see a movie?” Sure. “And then after that, dinner?” OK. “And then we can take a walk?” “Um . . .” From then on we were never really apart.”

And somehow, for 21 years, we tangled our minds and hearts together.”

“I guess there are lots of ways to get married. Some people marry someone they hardly know – which can work out, too. When you marry your best friend of many years, there should be another name for it. But the thing that surprised me about getting married was the way it altered time. And also the way it added a tenderness that was somehow completely new.

I hear that often from couples~ “it added a tenderness that was somehow completely new.” I, too, am feeling tender.  Perhaps I am finding myself more tender because of the recent events in the lives of people I love. Sudden loss, loss after long a struggle with illness, new beginnings, welcoming new family members, and, of course~ celebrations and weddings.

This weekend I had the privilege and honor of attending the wedding ceremony of two very dear friends.  Being a non-traditional couple, they chose to greet guests as we arrived on the boat they chose to have their ceremony and reception on~ The Destiny.  As I hugged one of my friends she said, “Dreams do come true.”

Finding ones beloved is a dream come true.  And, like life, it does not always happen smoothly or play out like the fairy tale we are taught to strive for.  The journey of  many of the couples I work with sometimes include challenges or hurdles right from the beginning.   Some had deeply challenging experiences, which, if they stuck it out, they would find ultimately brought them closer together in a profound way.  Some experienced challenges that a couple often does not expect to face immediately.  And, yet each couple moved through them with grace and love and compassion.  They each have their own way, their own strategies.  And with commitment, communication, and some self-discovery, they were able to move through those challenges with a deeper level of understanding, love and acceptance.

My friends’ ceremony spoke eloquently and beautifully to the depth of their love, their commitment, and their journey together which has been a deeply spiritual one.  Not a dry eye in the house!!  Throughout the day and evening, each time I glanced over at one or both of them I could see the love shining brightly from their faces.  Pure love.  I left the boat feeling full up. My love tank was full.  Theirs is the type of love that inspires others~ to be more fully present, more joyful, more loving.  I am grateful and blessed to know them.

May you find your beloved.

May you find peace.

May you find joy.

May you love and be love.